A white room, minimalistic furnishing, coffee maker, fridge, ovenette, and computer with internet connection. The room should give light and spacious vibes (gallery character). Guests are served coffee, chocolate, water, pastries, toasty croissants (cronuts) and make donations according to their tastes. Live music once a week or biweekly.

Pictic meetingPoint

InfoPoint for uisceadoir

MeetingPoint for musicians

art gallery

For members of uisceadoir Jergan cooks nice food once a month.

live music now and then

a donation is made for coffee and cakes

communication in the white room and on the internet

On 4 days, from mondays to thursdays, we offer the white room as a share model (MRBS-meetingroom booking system) for rent (€15 – 20 a day) to be used with smart concepts, eg chosen goods, interesting workshops.

Another opportunity for people who don't need a permanent office but a fixed representative drop-in centre for appointments including telephone and computer connections as well as a server (with permanent access).
monthly flat rate €100 – 150
secretary service, available half a day (€ 300 a month), or all-day (€ 500 a month)
video conference facility: € 100

Who could be the users of it? Those who have to be present locally once or twice a week and would like to use the share model or can use the share office model, say solicitors, accountants, field representatives.